Early Perry Mason Movies

Warner Brothers: 1934 - 1937

Warner Brothers released 6 movies based on Perry Mason novels between 1935 and 1937. There were 3 different people who played Perry in these movies. Gardner did not have much say in the content of the movies, therefore they tend not to follow the books as well as they should. The characters were depicted in a manner unlike their book counterparts; Perry was portrayed as a jokester and Paul was made to look a little inept. Gardner was not happy about the changes and decided not to let this happen again when the TV series came along. He made sure that he had some say into the characters and scripts.

Title Airdate
The Case of the Howling Dog 1934
The Case of the Curious Bride 1935
The Case of the Lucky Legs 1935
The Case of the Velvet Claws 1936
The Case of the Black Cat 1936
The Case of the Stuttering Bishop 1937