There were two sets of movies made based on the character of Perry Mason.

In the 1930's, Warner Brothers bought the rights to make films based on some of Gardner's Perry Mason novels. Gardner himself did not have much control over the content of the movies, and the studio could basically do what they wanted. They changed the characterizations of the main characters, and even had Perry and Della married in one of the movies. Needless to say, Gardner was not happy with the results, and vowed that unless he had control over the productions, there would be no more movies made.

In the 1980's, a series of television movies was made. These movies brought back Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale from the TV series to reprise their roles. The movies were fairly well produced, up to the standards of the TV series. When Raymond Burr passed away, several more movies were produced that did not have the character of Perry in them. Without Raymond Burr at the helm, these movies did not live up to the previous TV movies.