Erle Stanley Gardner Bibliography

Erle Stanley Gardner wrote prodigiously throughout his writing career, starting with short stories in the 1920's for the pulp magazines at the time. He created many different characters for these short stories, including Ed Jenkins and Lester Leith. In the 1930's, he created Perry Mason, and began writing novels. Over the course of almost the next 40 years, he wrote many novels featuring Perry Mason, as well as Donald Lam - Bertha Cool and D. A. Doug Selby. He also founded The Court of Last Resort, the purpose of which was to look into cases of those who had been wrongly convicted, and had reached the end of their rope, so to speak. An avid outdoorsman, Gardner also wrote many non-fiction books about his travels in the southwestern desert.

Most of this bibliography was obtained from the biography The Case of the Real Perry Mason by Dorothy Hughes. I have also gathered some information from the various books I have obtained. The bibliography contains the works penned by Gardner, as well as some of the compilations of his short stories that were published before and after his death. If you have information about a compilation that I do not have listed, please email me and I will be glad to include the information.

Here is the "Complete" Erle Stanley Gardner Bibliography, as I have it.

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