The Case of the Dangerous Dowager

Airdate: Saturday, May 09, 1959
Episode 65

Plot Summary

Perry's client is accused of killing a man to recover the IOU's from her gambling debt before they can be used as blackmail against her.


Actor Character  
Raymond BurrPerry MasonPerry Mason
Barbara HaleDella StreetDella Street
William HopperPaul DrakePaul Drake
William TalmanHamilton BurgerHamilton Burger
Ray CollinsLt. Arthur TraggLt. Arthur Tragg


Actor Role  
Robert StraussDanny Barker
Patricia CuttsSylvia Oxman
Kathryn GivneyMatilda Benson 
Barry AtwaterRobert Benson 
Michael DanteArthur Manning 
Gene BlakelyFrank Oxman 
Leo GordonCharles Duncan 
Ellen CorbyOld Lady 
King CalderDr. Ralph Caldwell 
Joey FayeWalter Cobb 
George E. StoneCourt Clerk 
Perry CookOld Man 
Barry BrooksPoliceman 
Shirley MonticueMaid 
Frederic WorlockJudge 



Buzz Kulik


Milton Krims

Story Consultant

Gene Wang


Ben Brady

Executive Producer

Gail Patrick Jackson

Associate Producer

Sam White


The actress that plays Sylvia puts in a very lame performance. It seems like an attempt at being over dramatic, and comes across as very cheesy.