Erle Stanley Gardner Bibliography

Title Publish Date

The Clue of the Forgotten Murder
  Sidney Griff Book 
  Under the name Carleton Kendrake

January 1935

This is Murder
  Sam Moraine Book 
  Under the name Charles J. Kenny

June 1935

Murder Up My Sleeve
  Terry Clane Book 

November 1937
Serialized in Cosmopolitan September 1937

The Case of the Turning Tide
  Gramp Wiggins Book 

July 1941

The Case of the Smoking Chimney
  Gramp Wiggins Book 

January 1943

The Case of the Backward Mule
  Terry Clane Book 

July 1946

Two Clues
  Sheriff Bill Eldon Compilation 

  The Clue of the Runaway Blonde (Novelette)
  The Clue of the Hungry Horse (Novelette)

February 1947

The Case of the Musical Cow
  Miscellaneous Book 

June 1950
Serialized as The Case of the Smuggler's Bell in Collier's March 25, 1950 to April 29, 1950

The Case of the Murderer's Bride
  Miscellaneous Compilation 

  The Case of the Muderer's Bride (Novelette)
  The Candy Kid (Lester Leith Novelette)
  To Strike a Match (The House of Three Candles) (Short Story)
  Death Rides a Boxcar (Short Story)
  Jeweled Butterfly (Novelette)


Whispering Sands - Stories of Gold Fever and the Western Desert
  Whispering Story Compilation 

  Sand Blast (Novelette)
  Law of the Rope (Short Story)
  Gold Blindness (Novelette)
  Written in Sand (Short Story)
  Blood-Red Gold (Novelette)
  Carved in Sand (Novelette)
  Fall Guy (Novelette)
  Priestess of the Sun (Short Story)
  Golden Bullets (Novelette)


The Human Zero
  Miscellaneous Compilation 

  The Human Zero (Novelette)
  Monkey Eyes (Novelette)
  New Worlds (Novelette)
  Rain Magic (Novelette)
  A Year in a Day (Novelette)
  The Man with Pin-Point Eyes (Novelette)
  The Sky's the Limit (Novelette)


Pay Dirt and Other Whispering Sands Stories of Gold Fever and the Western Desert
  Whispering Story Compilation 

  Singing Sand (Novelette)
  The Land of Painted Rocks (Novelette)
  The Big Circle (Novelette)
  Pay Dirt (Novelette)
  The Land of Poison Springs (Novelette)
  Stamp of the Desert (Short Story)
  Law of the Ghost Town (Short Story)
  The Law of Drifting Sand (Novelette)
  The Whip Hand (Novelette)


The Adventures of Paul Pry
  Paul Pry Compilation 

  The Crime Juggler (Short Story)
  The Racket Buster (Short Story)
  The Daisy-Pusher (Novelette)
  Wiker Gets the Works (Novelette)
  A Double Deal in Diamonds (Novelette)
  Slick and Clean (Novelette)
  Hell's Danger Signal (Novelette)
  Dressed To Kill (Short Story)
  The Cross-Stitch Killer (Novelette)


Honest Money
  Ken Corning Compilation 

  Honest Money (Novelette)
  The Top Comes Off (Novelette)
  Close Call (Novelette)
  Making the Breaks (Novelette)
  Devil's Fire (Novelette)
  Blackmail With Lead (Novelette)