WebStalag 13 Camp Archives

Col. Robert HoganHi there! Welcome to WebStalag 13. I'm Col. Robert Hogan, senior POW officer. Now that you've been cleared, I can tell you what is in this area, which is kept hidden from the Kommandant. Here you will read the history of the goings on in this camp. You'll be quite amazed at what you read!

Let me give you some quick background before you go off and read.

Hogan's Heroes is a television comedy show about life in a German prisoner of war camp during World War II. Stalag 13, run by Colonel Wilhelm Klink, is the toughest POW camp in all of Germany. There has never been a successful escape from the camp.

In actuality, there have been hundreds of escapes, and the camp is run by me, Col. Hogan. (I just let old Klink think he's running things!) We prisoners run an escape and sabotage operation right under the Germans' noses - literally. Using tunnels dug under the camp, a secret radio with which to contact London, and help from the local underground, we help downed allied fliers and escapees from other camps return to London to continue fighting the war. In our spare time, they destroy bridges, tunnels, factories and the odd radio tower in order to disrupt the German war effort.

To help you out, I've cataloged the archives into the following categories:

So enjoy your research, but remember - what you see here is classified. If you rat out to the Germans, we'll have to ship you back to London to face a court martial.