WebStalag 13 Barracks

Sgt. Andrew CarterHi! My name is Carter, Andrew J. and Colonel Hogan put me in charge of the barracks, though I would rather be in charge of the camp arsenal. (The Germans wouldn't allow that at all, and golly did that really disappoint me.)

Here you will find information on all of the people that have passed through this camp - both Allied and Enemy personnel. We want to keep very good tabs on everyone because when you are in our line of work, you have to be careful. Um, what I mean by that is that when you are a prisoner, you have a lot of time to keep track of things. Yea, that's it. I didn't mean that we prisoners were doing anything we weren't supposed to be doing, like blowing up bridges or anything.

No wait, forget I said anything about bridges ... you didn't hear me say bridges. Let me start over. Here you will find information about all of the people that have passed through our camp. They are cross referenced with the entries that you will find in the archives, which Col. Hogan should have told you about already.

Enjoy! And please - don't mess up the files. I'll have to reorganize them again and boy, I hate doing that!