Hogan's Heroes FanFic Library

Sgt. Richard BakerSgt. James KinchloeHello, I'm Kinch and this is Baker. We're the keepers of the prisoner's library. In the library you'll find the fanfic stories that other prisoners have written. We're always getting more stories, so read what's here and check back to see if anything new has been added recently.

I would like to make one request. You can read each story as often as you like, but please don't remove any item from the library without the author's permission. They have worked very hard on them and you should respect their efforts. I have tried to provide information about each author so that you can contact them. If you like a story, I'm sure that they'd like to hear that!

Also, if you are an author yourself, please do not use any character developed by another author without their permission. Not only is it wrong, it's in bad taste too. (Offending stories will be removed from the library. Colonel's orders, no exceptions.)

We have provided both a list of stories and a list of authors for your convenience. You can use either to get to the fanfic on here in the library.

If you have any stories that you'd like to place in the library, send me a message at and let me know. I'll be glad to file it away in here for the other prisoners to read.

Occasionally, an author will place a "Work in Progress" in the library for readers to preview and comment on. They are looking for feedback to guide the development of the story. We are also keeping a list of readers who are interested in being what we call beta readers for stories under development.