Sigrid Valdis

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Cast Credits

A Klink, A Bomb and a Short FuseFraulein Hilda
Clearance Sale at the Black MarketFraulein Hilda
D-Day at Stalag 13Fraulein Hilda
Drums Along the DusseldorfFraulein Hilda
Everybody Loves a SnowmanFraulein Hilda
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to LondonFraulein Hilda
Gowns by YvetteFraulein Hilda
Happy Birthday, Dear HoganFraulein Hilda
Heil KlinkFraulein Hilda
Hogan Gives a Birthday PartyFraulein Hilda
Hogan Goes HollywoodFraulein Hilda
Hogan SpringsFraulein Hilda
Hogan's Tucking Service … We Deliver the Factory to YouFraulein Hilda
How to Catch a Papa BearFraulein Hilda
How to Escape from a Prison Camp Without Even TryingFraulein Hilda
How's the Weather?Fraulein Hilda
Is There a Doctor in the HouseFraulein Hilda
Is There a Traitor in the House?Fraulein Hilda
It's DynamiteFraulein Hilda
Klink's Old FlameFraulein Hilda
Klink's RocketFraulein Hilda
Lady Chitterly's Lover, Part 2Fraulein Hilda
LeBeau and the Little Old LadyFraulein Hilda
Man in a BoxFraulein Hilda
Monkey BusinessFraulein Hilda
Nights in Shining ArmorFraulein Hilda
One Army at a TimeFraulein Hilda
Operation HannibalFraulein Hilda
Praise the Führer and Pass the AmmunitionFraulein Hilda
Reverend Kommandant KlinkFraulein Hilda
Six Lessons from Madame LaGrangeFraulein Hilda
Standing Room OnlyFraulein Hilda
The AntiqueFraulein Hilda
The Battle of Stalag 13Fraulein Hilda
The Big BroadcastFraulein Hilda
The Big GambleFraulein Hilda
The Big PictureFraulein Hilda
The Collector GeneralFraulein Hilda
The ExpertsFraulein Hilda
The Gestapo TakeoverFraulein Hilda
The GypsyFraulein Hilda
The Missing KlinkFraulein Hilda
The Purchasing PlanFraulein Hilda
The Return of Major BonacelliFraulein Hilda
The Schultz BrigadeFraulein Hilda
The Sergeant's AnalystFraulein Hilda
The Ultimate WeaponFraulein Hilda
The WellFraulein Hilda
Top Hat, White Tie and Bomb SightGretchen
Top Secret Top CoatFraulein Hilda
Up In Klink's RoomFraulein Hilda
War Takes a HolidayFraulein Hilda
Will the Blue Baron Strike Again?Fraulein Hilda