Jerry London

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Crew Credits

EpisodeCrew Function
At Last - Schultz Knows SomethingAssociate Producer
BombsightAssociate Producer
Crittendon's CommandosAssociate Producer
Cuisine la Stalag 13Director,
Associate Producer
Easy Come, Easy GoAssociate Producer
Eight O'Clock and All Is WellAssociate Producer
Fat Hermann, Go HomeAssociate Producer
Get Fit or Go FightDirector,
Associate Producer
Gowns by YvetteAssociate Producer
Happy Birthday, Dear HoganAssociate Producer
Hogan Goes HollywoodAssociate Producer
Hogan's Double LifeAssociate Producer
How's the Weather?Associate Producer
Is There a Traitor in the House?Associate Producer
It's DynamiteAssociate Producer
Klink for the DefenseDirector,
Associate Producer
Klink's EscapeAssociate Producer
Klink's MasterpieceAssociate Producer
Kommandant GertrudeAssociate Producer
Kommandant SchultzAssociate Producer
Lady Chitterly's Lover, Part 1Associate Producer
Lady Chitterly's Lover, Part 2Associate Producer
Look at the Pretty SnowflakesAssociate Producer
My Favorite PrisonerAssociate Producer
One Army at a TimeAssociate Producer
Operation TigerDirector,
Associate Producer
Rockets or RomanceAssociate Producer
Six Lessons from Madame LaGrangeDirector,
Associate Producer
Standing Room OnlyDirector,
Associate Producer
That's No Lady, That's My SpyDirector,
Associate Producer
The AntiqueAssociate Producer
The Big BroadcastDirector,
Associate Producer
The Big DishAssociate Producer
The Big GambleAssociate Producer
The Big PictureAssociate Producer
The Big RecordAssociate Producer
The DefectorDirector,
Associate Producer
The DropoutsAssociate Producer
The Empty ParachuteAssociate Producer
The ExpertsAssociate Producer
The Gasoline WarAssociate Producer
The Gestapo TakeoverAssociate Producer
The GypsyAssociate Producer
The Kamikazes Are ComingAssociate Producer
The Klink CommandosAssociate Producer
The Kommandant Dies at DawnAssociate Producer
The Meister SpyAssociate Producer
The Merry WidowAssociate Producer
The Purchasing PlanAssociate Producer
The Return of Major BonacelliDirector,
Associate Producer
The Sergeant's AnalystAssociate Producer
The Softer They FallAssociate Producer
The WellAssociate Producer
The WitnessAssociate Producer
To Russia Without LoveAssociate Producer
Unfair ExchangeAssociate Producer
Up In Klink's RoomAssociate Producer
Watch the Trains Go ByAssociate Producer