Bruce Bilson

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Crew Credits

EpisodeCrew Function
At Last - Schultz Knows SomethingDirector
Gowns by YvetteDirector
Hogan's Double LifeDirector
How to Catch a Papa BearDirector
Klink vs. The GonculatorDirector
Klink's EscapeDirector
Klink's Old FlameDirector
Kommandant GertrudeDirector
LeBeau and the Little Old LadyDirector
Man's Best Friend Is Not His DogDirector
My Favorite PrisonerDirector
Operation HannibalDirector
The AntiqueDirector
The Big PictureDirector
The Collector GeneralDirector
The Meister SpyDirector
The Rise and Fall of Sergeant SchultzDirector
The Sergeant's AnalystDirector
The WellDirector
To Russia Without LoveDirector
To the Gestapo with LoveDirector
Two Nazis for the Price of OneDirector
Up In Klink's RoomDirector
War Takes a HolidayDirector
Watch the Trains Go ByDirector
Who Stole My Copy of Mein Kampf?Director