Bad Day in Berlin
Episode 103
Airdate: Saturday, December 07, 1968 at 9:00:00 PM
Columbia House Tape: 21051 - Spy vs. Spy

Robin Hood, a control agent in Allied headquarters, is really a German agent named Decker and has come back to Germany. Hogan and his men must head to Berlin to kidnap Decker and send him back to London before he tells everything that he knows to the German's. Hogan finds help in a most surprising person - a Major Hans Teppel of the Abwher.

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Col. Robert HoganCol. Wilhelm KlinkSgt. Hans SchultzCpl. Peter NewkirkSgt. Andrew CarterCpl. Louis LeBeauSgt. James (Ivan) Kinchloe

Harold J. StoneMajor Teppel
John StephensonDecker
David WileyAgent One
Edward KnightGestapo Major Metzger
John HoytColonel Braun


Crew MemberCrew Function
Edward H. FeldmanProducer
Laurence MarksWriter
William A. CalihanAssociate Producer
Richard KinonDirector