William A. Calihan

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Crew Credits

EpisodeCrew Function
A Klink, A Bomb and a Short FuseAssociate Producer
A Russian Is ComingAssociate Producer
A Tiger Hunt in Paris, Part 1Associate Producer
A Tiger Hunt in Paris, Part 2Associate Producer
An Evening of GeneralsAssociate Producer
Art for Hogan's SakeAssociate Producer
At Last - Schultz Knows SomethingProducer
Axis AnnieAssociate Producer
Bad Day in BerlinAssociate Producer
Carter Turns TraitorAssociate Producer
Casanova KlinkAssociate Producer
Clearance Sale at the Black MarketAssociate Producer
Colonel Klink's Secret WeaponAssociate Producer
Color the Luftwaffe RedAssociate Producer
Crittendon's CommandosProducer
Cuisine à la Stalag 13Producer
D-Day at Stalag 13Associate Producer
Diamonds in the RoughAssociate Producer
Don't Forget to WriteAssociate Producer
Drums Along the DusseldorfAssociate Producer
Duel of HonorAssociate Producer
Easy Come, Easy GoProducer
Eight O'Clock and All Is WellProducer
Everybody Loves a SnowmanAssociate Producer
Everyone Has a Brother-in-LawAssociate Producer
Fat Hermann, Go HomeProducer
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to LondonAssociate Producer
Get Fit or Go FightProducer
Gowns by YvetteProducer
Guess Who Came To DinnerAssociate Producer
Happy Birthday, Dear HoganProducer
Heil KlinkAssociate Producer
Hogan and the Lady DoctorAssociate Producer
Hogan Gives a Birthday PartyAssociate Producer
Hogan Goes HollywoodProducer
Hogan SpringsAssociate Producer
Hogan's Double LifeProducer
Hogan's Tucking Service … We Deliver the Factory to YouAssociate Producer
Hot MoneyAssociate Producer
How to Catch a Papa BearAssociate Producer
How to Escape from a Prison Camp Without Even TryingAssociate Producer
How to Win Friends and Influence NazisAssociate Producer
How's the Weather?Producer
Information PleaseAssociate Producer
Is General Hammerschlag Burning?Associate Producer
Is There a Doctor in the HouseAssociate Producer
Is There a Traitor in the House?Producer
It's DynamiteProducer
Killer KlinkAssociate Producer
Klink for the DefenseProducer
Klink vs. The GonculatorAssociate Producer
Klink's EscapeProducer
Klink's MasterpieceProducer
Klink's Old FlameAssociate Producer
Klink's RocketAssociate Producer
Kommandant GertrudeProducer
Kommandant SchultzProducer
Lady Chitterly's Lover, Part 1Producer
Lady Chitterly's Lover, Part 2Producer
LeBeau and the Little Old LadyAssociate Producer
Look at the Pretty SnowflakesProducer
Man in a BoxAssociate Producer
Man's Best Friend Is Not His DogAssociate Producer
Monkey BusinessAssociate Producer
My Favorite PrisonerProducer
Never Play Cards With StrangersAssociate Producer
Nights in Shining ArmorAssociate Producer
No Names PleaseAssociate Producer
One Army at a TimeProducer
One in Every CrowdAssociate Producer
Operation BriefcaseAssociate Producer
Operation HannibalAssociate Producer
Operation TigerProducer
Praise the Führer and Pass the AmmunitionAssociate Producer
Reverend Kommandant KlinkAssociate Producer
Rockets or RomanceProducer
Sergeant Schultz Meets Mata HariAssociate Producer
Six Lessons from Madame LaGrangeProducer
Some of Their Planes Are MissingAssociate Producer
Standing Room OnlyProducer
Sticky Wicket NewkirkAssociate Producer
Tanks for the MemoryAssociate Producer
That's No Lady, That's My SpyProducer
The AntiqueProducer
The Battle of Stalag 13Associate Producer
The Big BroadcastProducer
The Big DishProducer
The Big GambleProducer
The Big PictureProducer
The Big RecordProducer
The Collector GeneralAssociate Producer
The Crittendon PlanAssociate Producer
The DefectorProducer
The DropoutsProducer
The Empty ParachuteProducer
The ExpertsProducer
The Gasoline WarProducer
The General SwapAssociate Producer
The Gestapo TakeoverProducer
The Great Brinksmeyer RobberyAssociate Producer
The GypsyProducer
The HostageAssociate Producer
The Kamikazes Are ComingProducer
The Klink CommandosProducer
The Kommandant Dies at DawnProducer
The Meister SpyProducer
The Merry WidowProducer
The Missing KlinkAssociate Producer
The Most Escape-Proof Camp I've Ever Escaped FromAssociate Producer
The Purchasing PlanProducer
The Reluctant TargetAssociate Producer
The Return of Major BonacelliProducer
The Rise and Fall of Sergeant SchultzAssociate Producer
The Schultz BrigadeAssociate Producer
The Sergeant's AnalystProducer
The Softer They FallProducer
The Swing ShiftAssociate Producer
The TowerAssociate Producer
The Ultimate WeaponAssociate Producer
The WellProducer
The WitnessProducer
To Russia Without LoveProducer
To the Gestapo with LoveAssociate Producer
Top Secret Top CoatAssociate Producer
Two Nazis for the Price of OneAssociate Producer
Unfair ExchangeProducer
Up In Klink's RoomProducer
War Takes a HolidayAssociate Producer
Watch the Trains Go ByProducer
What Time Does the Balloon Go Up?Associate Producer
Who Stole My Copy of Mein Kampf?Associate Producer
Will the Blue Baron Strike Again?Associate Producer
Will the Real Adolf Please Stand Up?Associate Producer
Will the Real Colonel Klink Please Stand Up Against the Wall?Associate Producer